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Meet the Chef

I love my home country and its traditions, and cooking authentic Italian food is my true passion. My love of cooking started when I was young, when my big family would gather for Sunday lunch and I would sneak in the kitchen to help my Grandma.


When I cook for my customers it feels just like I am preparing Sunday lunch for my family. I love to give my guests the opportunity to try original Italian recipes and experience the same atmosphere of sharing, happiness and harmony every time they come to my restaurant.


To me, cooking for someone means conveying emotions connected to special memories or special people like my Grandma.

Giuseppe Baldini


Baking Ingredients

Our Menu

Recipes passed down through generations with a modern twist

Following original recipes means having passion, dedication and using fresh ingredients. I make my own homemade pasta, traditional desserts and ice cream in my kitchen. Also, I pick my own vegetables, fish and meat in the local markets. That is how I can serve traditional dishes with excellent quality.

Ein Festmal

At Your Service


+49 (0) 881 2620



Prälatenweg 2, 82362 Weilheim in Oberbayern, Germany

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

11:30-14:30, 17:30-22:30

Tuesday closed

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